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Everybody is equal, unique and beautiful!


This social art series is about diversity and equality!

It is an artistic stand against discrimination, racism and body shaming in any from!


In a world of social media, where body shaming and inequality dominates the mind of thousands of young people, it is important to step back and realise that we are all unique and therefore beautiful, and at the same time also equal!


We started this project to help people realise that we are more than just our appearance - be it on social media or in the physical world. We are defined by our character, our actions - or soul, that we build up during our lifetime.


By this series of portraits, we hope to build a community and understanding of what is truly important, while fighting discrimination in any shape or form.

The main subject of the series is the human face. The paintings are no realistic depictions of painted models, the human face is transformed into a new form through expressive strokes, fine drawing lines and expressive light sources. The contrast between fragments of the human body and abstract coloured surfaces creates a strong existential tension. Portraits are modelled using a drawing line.

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