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The concept of BellaLuna is based on the principle of up-cycling, ie the ecological use of discarded material or parts of products that are very difficult to recycle.


Light is thus a manifestation of a clear attitude towards pollution and waste, and at the same time it acquires a unique artistic value thanks to the specific design. The main element of the lamp is a glass lid made of doors from the washing machine of various shapes and sizes, which is complemented by an elegant brass frame. Signs of wear of both materials are changing in the new context and are guarantee of the uniqueness of each piece. Tiny lines and scratches on the glass create a subtle abstract structure that directly contrasts with the patina of the metal ring. The lamp has an overall subtle expression, which enhances the completely invisible connection of the two main elements and the light suspension system. The Bellaluna lamp is visually interesting and decent at the same time. It stands out in cafes, hotel lobbies and luxury residences.

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