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GEN0 is a collection of 1000 blocks in the M-Blocks series. Each block is unique. None is like another!

The processual colour abstraction, is based on experimental plasticine painting on glass, which is further modified using digital technology.  This playful child technique - under strong backlighting - evokes the illusion of an onyx semi-precious stone block. The light as such represents a spiritual principle. The sharp contrasting colours of the organic coloured surfaces evoke landscapes from far distant cosmic universes, locked inside modular blocks.

It might be interpreted as an allegory on the infinity of the colourful human spirit, constrained by strict rules of societal law.

The space of the spirit is represented by rich and organic colours, which in turn is limited by the rational and strict dogmas of society that the boundaries of the block represent.

M-blocks is a synergy between physical and digital art world stored on the blockchain. It is an artistic exclamation of the infinity of possibilities that thrive when human imagination and computer power merge in synergy.


Blockchain technology defines our present and guides the future.

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