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ZDW 2019 Rapsodie in blue

Luxa - Rhapsody in blue was part of our ZDW 2019 installation, the installation manifested complexity and interconnectedness in the design of PLP STUDIOS.


Luxa is an author's object. It was designed as a recycled glass block and makes full use of the properties of the block to conduct light. Luxfera's shape limits the creation of the product, its industrial appearance is supported by a sheet metal casing, which in general resembles a small retro TV screen. In the middle of luxfer is an LED strip around the perimeter with luminosity in daylight mode. After switching on, the lamp lights up by touching the casing. This is possible by a built in sensor that regulates both the switching on and off of the lamp and the intensity of its light. It becomes a haptic object in the interior.

The surface treatment is an abstract painting in shades of blue. The room included a building, Sono speakers and a plasticine painting on the glass.

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